Sibelius Site Licenses for Education

School Site Licenses for Sibelius including Network, Standalone, extra seats and upgrades for all schools and educational institutions in the UK.

Educational & Academic Prices – CALL 01334 461244 for advice on licensing.

Sibelius Site License Information

If you would like to upgrade your Sibelius Site Licenses from older versions of Sibelius 4,5,6 or even earlier to Sibelius Ultimate – then it’s a very straightforward process to do so.

SOFTPLANET provide upgrades to your existing licenses when you apply using a purchase order. You may also call us for advice on 01334 461244.

Technical information for Sibelius Site Licenses

Network Licenses

Sibelius’s network licenses operate on a client-server model. The Sibelius program itself is installed on the local hard drive of each of the client workstations, and a separate Licence Server program is installed on a single designated server or workstation. The Licence Server program is supplied with your copy of Sibelius and enables the designated number of licensed client copies to run on the network simultaneously. In conjunction with Sibelius’s Classroom Control feature, the Licence Server also lets you send messages to users of the client copies, send and receive Sibelius files between client machines, and close copies down from the server machine.


Sibelius (PDF) – requires a network using the TCP/IP and UDP protocols. (Your network may use other protocols in addition to TCP/IP and UDP, but TCP/IP and UDP must be present in order for the Licence Server to communicate fully with the client copies.

The Sibelius Licence Server and the Licence Server Control Panel will run on Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, Mac OS X 10.7 or later. It will also run on a virtual server running VMWare using a qualified Windows operating system, as listed above.

Expand Sibelius Network License (Perpetual)

Add more seats to your current Sibelius Network License. Contact us on 01334 461244 with the number of seats required – We supply the largest upgrade and Sibelius installations to schools all over the UK. This means we can offer you the lowest prices on extra Sibelius seats.

Schools, colleges and Universities can gain access to Sibelius Ultimate at highly discounted academic / educational prices when buying a Sibelius Site License from SOFTPLANET LTD. The choices of standalone or network licenses means that you can install Sibelius on the same amount of computers.

The Different Flavours of Sibelius Software

There lies a lot of confusion as to what version, license, renewal or type of Sibelius is best for you. So, we’ve tried to categorise the various types of Sibelius into easy to follow groups based on what matches your criteria or status.

If you need help choosing simply call John on 01334 461244.


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Educational Establishments

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